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tv   Action News  ABC  July 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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liberia. >> saturday night, i'm walter perez, 4th of july celebrations continue across the region tonight. the search for the driver and the car that crashed straight through a local apartment building.
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but the big story on "action news" tonight is the devastating fire that killed four children in southwest philadelphia. the flames erupted and spread to 8 different homes on the 6500 block of guess in -- g. he -- gestner. annie mccormick has more. many are grieving trying to figure out what caused the fire. a woman was watching 6 children, four of her children were her own kids. the other four remained trapped inside. take a look behind me, you can see the damage, this did spread to four homes and spread to 8
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homes. many people are displaced. l.and i is working to board up many of the windows, this tight in it community said they are working together to comfort the families that are shocked by the horrible tragedy. raw emotions from a grandmother of two children killed in the fire. the fast-moving three-alarm blaze broke out at 3:00 a.m. four children were killed including two twin girls, and brothers, a 4-year-old and 1-month-old. the mother of the twins managed to jump from the fire, she remains in the hospital with two 11-year-old girls. firefighters responded in 3 minutes, the station is around the corner. the fire spread to four homes,
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investigators believe it began on the couch on the front porch. it remains under investigation. >> they did an excellent job and they gave all they had. and back out here live, you can see the balloons are in front of the home where this fire did begin on the front porch, possibly on a couch, they are working to figure out a calls. now, i am told that 28 people still remain displaced. they are getting help from the red cross. again still working to figure out a calls to the blaze. the red i don't red cross is asf anybody needs help to contact them. they have temporarily bartram high school open. if you need help contact the red cross. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" southwest philadelphia. >> thank you for that update. a teenager from glen mills, delaware county is recovering after being involved in a
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terrible hit and run in wildwood. it happened on rio grand avenue at 3:00 a.m. he was transferred to children's hospital in philadelphia where he remains in the icu being treated for serious head injuries. his sister spoke to "action news" tonight. >> right now we're trying to keep a level head about it, but he has swelling in the brain, bruising, we're looking for the person to come forward, the person knows he did it, there were four other kids present that saw it and apparently other cars stopped, too. >> in fact the suspect's passenger side mirror was recovered near the scene. anyone with any information should contact wildwood applies. the local girl who served as an inspiration for national transplant policy change was the
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grand marshall for for the marple newtown parade. she role in the back of the vehicle there leading a caravan of festive floats through the community. tens of thousands are basking in glorious sunshine down the jersey shore today. you're looking live from sky 6 at cape may. if you're going to check out fireworks tonight you couldn't is ask for better conditions. let's go outside to cesily tynan. >> reporter: hi, walter, outside is the place to be, we are being treated to glorious weather up and down the eastern sea breeze. philadelphia and raleigh, 82 degrees, temperatures five degrees below normal. jacksonville, 80. if you look to the west, bismarck, north dakota.
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it's 96 degrees, 92 in dallas. that heat and humidity will be making a come back, but not until next week. satellite and radar showing the moisture of what else left from arthur is spinning away from us. high pressure is building in and that's what's bringing us these really comfortable conditions. temperature yesterday in the 70s. today the 80s. 82 in wilmington, 80 in millville. part reason it feels so good it's bone dry. this is is san diego weather. generally you get documents in the 50s and 60s, this is bone-dry conditions. tonight is a great night turn off the air-conditioning and open the windows and let the breeze blow in. philadelphia, 64 degrees, allentown, 55. lancaster, 56. cape may, 64 and millville,
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57 degrees. the hits continue tomorrow, a little bit warmer than today, 87 degrees in philadelphia. down the shore more sunshine, 81. 89 poconos mostly sunny, 78 degrees, again, the humidity will be low, take advantage because i'm tracking the heat and the humidity returning could be heat wave number two on the way next week. i'll have all the details including some storms in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> talk to you in a bit. the boardwalk in wildwood was packed with families soaking in all that beautiful sunshine we were talking about, same thing for the beach. a july 4th trip to the shore is tradition. >> i don't think i've had a nicer day than today, weather wise. it's not hot, it's nice and cool. >> the water is a little cool, but it's been perfect. >> reporter: and boardwalk businesses are happy to see the
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bright blue skies as the hopes for a profitable summer hinge on good weather, of course. independence day fun continued in ocean city. hundreds of family pedaled in patriotic fashion during the north end bike parade. this little guy took advantage of a free ride. wawa welcome america festival did not end with the fireworks on the parkway. people had been enjoying cool treats all day long at penns landing. for 7 bucks you can get your fill at the scooper ice cream festival. the proceeds go to pediatric cancer. the names of ten citizens have been immorallized at the springfield wall in delaware county. a new plaque was dedicated
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across street from the local fire company. the honorees are from several organizations including the ambulance corps and the lions club. the 6abc news app has fireworks across the region and displays, check with accuweather for any updates. baby ducks trapped in montgomery county, we have the roadside rescue in cheltenham. another bounce house goes airborne in nevada. meteorologist cesily tynan returns with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, when "action news" comes right back.
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>> a july 4th celebration took a scary turn when an inflatable slide went airborne. you see it there. witnesses say powerful wind gusts lifted the play house
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300 feet above the trees. nobody was inside at the time, but there are reports of two people hurt by flying debris. a gunman opened fire on a crowd wounding seven people during a shooting spree in i understand annapolis. it happened at 2:30 in a neighborhood packed with popular bars and restaurants. one victim is in critical condition, the other victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. no word on a suspect or motive in the case. two teenagers became the latest victims of gun violence in philadelphia. they were on atlantic street in port richmond when somebody opened fire in their direction early this morning. a 14-year-old was shot several times and the 18-year-old friend was hit in the leg. both are in stable condition. so far no articles to report. investigators in northeast philadelphia are searching for the person who slammed into a car -- into an apartment building and drove away. the crash left a gaping hole in
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the building near red lion road at 1:00 a.m. investigators have yet to release a description of the suspect or vehicle. three people were able to safely escape when a row house erupted in flames overnight in west philadelphia. police believe the fire started on the third floor of the home at 53rd and chestnut. a neighbor said he helped three people escape before firefighters arrived. the cause is under investigation. emergency crews in cheltenham had their hands full helping baby ducks who got stuck in a storm drain near the intersection of easton road and cheltenham avenue. a conservation officer hopped into the under ground pipe and save the duckling. they will reunight the ducklings with their momma who was close
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enough to hear their cries. sixers noelle
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>> jeff skeverski has a check on sports, i almost forget noelle was on the team. >> reporter: you're not the only one, lots of sixers fans did too. it's been a year and a half since noelle played in a basketball game. he could have been the number one pick in the draft last year if not for the torn acl. making his debut in the orlando summer league. 50 seconds into the game, noelle throws down the first basket of the game. a game high 19 points in 26
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minutes. the center yes he can move. the left knee looks good, careful, the basket and the foul. noelle impressive in that view. hopefully it's a sign of thing to come when the regular season comes around in 3 months. how did it feel to play. >> i got to work on my stamina a little bit so i can continue to play at the high level i was playing at. it's been a long patient wait and out last season it's tough. i have to be patient and learn watching other guys in the league. >> reporter: not all good news out of orlando, sixers lose 83-77. they lose pier jackson to a right heel achilles. espn sixers have a ton of
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salary cap room, he averaged 12 1/2 points per game. insanity in philly, we'll see. the phillies had the best starting rotation in baseball since 2009 to 2011. that feels like age also go. this year staff has the fewest wins and the lowest percentage in the game. hernandez tagged for four in pittsburgh, buchanan gives up two in the first today. phils down 2-0. they have allowed the second most runs in the first inning in all baseball. they have a cans to get it -- a chance to get it back. in the 4th, 89 phillies get it back, ashy, smashes it to right. they consult the lead 3461. that's where we stand in the
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bottom of the 7th. phils trying to avoid a loss for the 12th time in the last 15 games. belgium would be alive in the world cup and taking on argentina. instead it is belgium take facing argentina. argentina strikes first. what a goal! and that's that. argentina beats belgium 1-nill. they are fails -- face the winner of costa rica or the netherlands. that is in extra time. women's title, the most lopsided women's final in 22 years. the men's final is tomorrow, federer against jovi crsm h.
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h -- jokovism ch. >> we have a "world news,." >> reporter: a shark attack on a popular california beach. they are cleaning up on the east
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>> as you see here, families embrace the beautiful traditions of japan on this gorgeous day of
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fairmont park. children learned about the legendary ox herder and the weaving princess. it is marked by the midsummer star festival. guesses took batter by making wishes on small strips of paper and hanging them on bamboo branches. cesily tynan is here, melissa magee is off. you were on once before with me. >> reporter: nice to see you walter. >> nice too meet you. >> reporter: it's nice to be outside today. today you can get outside and enjoy it and storm tracker 6 live double scan showing no rain out there, really not a cloud in the sky. let's go live on sky6 live hd taking a look place to be cape may on the beach, 6:23 and folks are out there enjoying all the sunshine and the comfortable
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temperatures. temperatures definitely on the cool side today, we don't mind since it's july, morning low, 64 degrees, that's five degrees below normal. afternoon high, 83 degrees, four degrees below normal. 82 in philadelphia, 81 in allentown, 80 in trenton, 80 in millville. wilmington, 82 degrees, if you factor in the humidity, the heat index, the same as the temperatures, dewpoints in the 40s and 50s, extremely low, and the dewpoints will remain below 60 degrees through tomorrow. the humidity will remain on the comfortable side. temperatures will be a little bit higher tomorrow than today. satellite and radar, really not a cloud in the sky, what's left as hurricane arthur continues to move away. there's lop across midwest, that will be sliding up to the north. that means plenty of sunshine through the day tomorrow. 8:00 a.m., 70 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 80. 2:00 p.m., 85, 5:00 p.m.,
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87 degrees. if you're down the shore, the ocean temperature is on the cool side, in the 60s, upwelling. sunshine tomorrow, put on the sunscreen a little bit warmer than today. in the poconos take a sweater, overnight lows in the upper 40s, mostly sunny tomorrow, 78 degrees looking really good. there also some heat and -- there is heat and humidity waiting in the wings. bismarck, north dakota 96 degrees, 92 in dallas. high pressure right over us is bringing the comfortable air mass down from the northwest. this is on the move. as we head into next week the high pressure become also -- becomes the classic bermuda high, early next week we're looking at afternoon highs in the 90s, it will be very humid and late thunderstorms developing, good channels this will be heat wave -- good chance this will be heat wave number two next week.
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enjoy the comfortable air malice while you can. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, lots of sunshine, it will be warmer than today with a high of 87 degrees which is seasonable, but, again, low humidity, so a really nice day. monday, though, things change. the high up to 94 degrees. the humidity returns, as well. so the heat index likely around 100. could see afternoon thunderstorms. i think we have a better chance on tuesday of more storms. 96 degrees, a steam bath. wednesday, 91 degrees, if we hit that this will be heat wave number two. a cold front moves through wednesday night brings us thunderstorms. thursday behind that front lingering showers, temperature 88 degrees. friday, comfortable, sunshine, high of 86 degrees. heading into next weekday, we could be do for yet another nice weekend. we've had a string of them this
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summer, sunny and hot, 89 degrees. abc's "world news" saturday is next on channel 6, followed by fyi philly at 7:00 p.m. tonight we're in search of barbecues and burgers and a park where you can play and bring your own bottle at night. don't miss "action news" at 10:00 p.m. on phl17 and we're back on 6abc a11:00 p.m. for cesily tynan, melissa magee, jeff skeverski and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we'll see you back here at 11:00 p.m.
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this is "world news." tonight, shark attack. >> get out of the water! shark! >> a holiday nightmare on a crowded beach in california. one swimmer bitten by a great white shark, as officials scramble to get everyone out of the water. arthur's aftermath. the holiday hurricane may be over, but tonight, the damage that was left behind and the new weather threat brewing in the middle of the country. close call. on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, two commercial jets nearly collide over houston. how close they got and who is being blamed. and, sweet success. the real life rags to riches story about one woman reaching for her american dream, from waiting tables to running a billion-dollar company. how did she do it?


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